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  • Final NABShow Video Interviews - Brevity, Elemental, mDialog

    I'm pleased to share the final 3 video interviews that I did at NABShow 2013 today. Below you will find interviews with Kevin Norris, president and CEO, Brevity, Dustin Encelewski, Director of Product Marketing, Elemental Technologies and Tim Street, VP, Mobile Video, mDialog. All of the interviews are in the final player at bottom.


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  • Brevity Aims to Disrupt Transcoding Workflows [VIDEO]

    An interesting new company named Brevity came out of stealth mode here at the NABShow this week. Its V3 technology transcodes large video files during highly accelerated transport from one location to another without any degradation of quality. The company is aiming to disrupt traditional production workflows which it considers expensive and inefficient.

    Given the push to higher resolution and longer-form video, along with multi-screen delivery, Brevity's time savings and simplification is an exciting prospect for content creators. V3 will be available at the end of Q2.

    Brevity's COO, Timothy O'Brien explains Brevity's approach in detail in the following video.

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