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  • BBN3 Unveils Cloud-Based Scalable Video Production Process for SMBs

    For small-to-medium sized businesses looking to augment their online presence with high-quality video, the process can be daunting. How to find a qualified video producer? How to avoid getting overcharged? How to carve out time to manage the process without it becoming a huge distraction? And so on. Still, many SMBs recognize that with video usage exploding, and consumer expectations rising, having a video(s) to explain their product, service or approach is fast becoming as essential as having a web site.

    These are the problems that Vancouver-based BBN3 (part of SoMedia Networks) is addressing with a new template-driven, cloud-based video production process that aims to resolve all the relevant cost, reach and project management issues, thereby unlocking video production at massive scale. BBN3 has created hundreds of videos for SMBs since March through its platform (examples here). Last week, Travis Moss, BBN3's VP of Business Development walked me through a step-by-step demo of their platform.

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