• What Exactly is “Programmatic TV?” And What Are Its Main Challenges and Early Successes? [SHIFT VIDEOS]

    What exactly is “programmatic TV” and what are its main challenges and initial successes? These were the topics of two of our sessions at last month’s SHIFT // 2015 Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit. While the term “programmatic” was in the conference’s title, as our panelists explained, it means something very different when applied to online/mobile video vs. when it’s applied in TV.

    In fact, a number of the panelists on the two sessions objected to the very use of the term “programmatic” for TV advertising (as did our morning keynoter, Turner Ad Sales president Donna Speciale), believing it shouldn’t be carried over from video and display advertising because TV’s specifics are so different.

    Regardless of terminology, both sessions highlighted how TV network groups are building out their own data platforms to support a shift to audience-based targeting/buying beyond just age and gender. But many panelists noted that these disparate efforts will cause even more market complexity compared to the singular (if imperfect) current Nielsen system.

    Panelists also explained that data-centric buying in TV advertising is happening in many different ways, and “addressable TV” (which uses set-top box viewing data) appears to have emerged as an early favorite.

    All in all the two sessions provided many critical insights on programmatic TV (loosely defined), the key hurdles, early successes and likely trends for 2016. For anyone trying to better understand how TV advertising is going to evolve in the face of OTT’s growth, watching the session videos below, will be time well-spent.

    The first session’s panelists included Jonathan Bokor (SVP, Director of Advanced Video, MediaVest), Randy Cooke (VP of Programmatic TV, SpotX), Mike Dean (VP, Programmatic and Data-Driven Solutions, ABC), Stacey Shepatin (EVP, National Video Investments, Trilia) and Scott Ferber (Chairman and CEO, Videology), moderating.

    The second session’s panelists included Bill Ammerman (VP of Programmatic, Tribune Media), Arlene Manos (President, National Advertising Sales, AMC Networks), Aaron Radin, SVP, Partnerships and Portfolio Products, NBCU), (Chris Raleigh – Chief Commercial Officer, placemedia) and Mike Bloxham (SVP, Frank A. Magid Associates), moderating.


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