• Videology Unveils "Revenue Engine" Product for Video Publishers

    Video ad tech provider Videology is unveiling "Revenue Engine" today, a new product for video publishers to drive premium programmatic ad revenues. Scott Ferber, Videology's chairman and CEO, told me last week that although the vast majority of Videology's business is servicing the demand side (agencies and advertisers), it is expanding its supply side technology offerings to help video publishers gain equal footing in the booming online video ad market.

    In our discussion Scott emphasized one particular feature of Revenue Engine - the ability for publishers to do scenario modeling of different variables in order to gain recommendations for optimal inventory pricing. The system works by including available inventory, prior performance data, buy-side criteria and other factors such as minimum pricing requirements.

    Revenue Engine then crunches the numbers and visually portrays optimal pricing recommendations for up to a year for the publisher to assess. Scott noted that the visualization feature is a key differentiator for Revenue Engine. Down the road Scott can envision publishers having tools to automatically implement some/all of the recommendations as well.  Hundreds of publishers are already using Videology's system and have seen average increases CPM increases of 30%.

    Revenue Engine is also integrated with Videology and other demand-side sources and allows brand/industry blocking, approvals at the creative level, plus an open real-time bidding API for 3rd-party buyers. Publishers can also use campaign-management tools for their own inventory and optimize their for Nielsen OCR and comScore VCE.

    Publisher-side programmatic tools are a hot part of the market; last week SpotxChange announced its own ad programmatic ad platform for publishers and LiveRail continues to be a leader in this space. Nevertheless, Scott wants to collaborate/support all players in the ecosystem. No doubt plenty more innovation to follow.

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