• Videology Proves 6x Brand Lift With Better Targeting, Optimization and Fraud Protection

    Videology and Nielsen released a case study showing a 6x improvement in brand lift for a group of 9 CPG campaigns as compared with Nielsen’s normative scores from thousands of campaigns using the Nielsen Digital Brand Effect platform. Videology integrated the platform into its player in order to measure the 9 campaigns’ brand lift.

    Videology believes better targeting, optimization and fraud protection, at scale, drove the improved results. Videology used an integration with White Ops fraud detection to filter bots and other non-human traffic. It also relied on data from 40 different providers for accurate targeting and enhanced optimization.

    The case study provides new evidence of online video advertising’s efficacy, which was called into question again last week, by WPP CEO Martin Sorrell, who said brands are limiting their video ad investments due to incomplete verification data. He cited a major client as expressing “great concern” viewability, value and verification.

    Mr. Sorrell’s comments echo many others who are seeking greater transparency and data to support video advertising’s value, particularly relative to TV, from which an increasing portion of spending is being sourced. As ongoing studies show erosion of linear TV audiences and growth of online video, the viewability and verification issues have become more pressing.

    The case study is available for download here.