• How Data is Fueling the Audience-Centric Video Ad Model [SHIFT VIDEO]

    Data and automation are at the heart of programmatic’s influence on video and TV advertising. At the recent SHIFT // Programmatic Video & TV Ad Summit, we dug in deeply to data and measurement in a session including Larry Allen (VP, Ad Innovation and Programmatic Solutions, Turner Ad Sales), Joan Fitzgerald (VP, Product Management and Business Development, TiVo), Noah Levine (SVP, Advertising Data & Technology Solutions, Fox Networks Group), George Musi (SVP, Head of Analytics and Insight, Optimedia | Blue 449), with Tim Hanlon (Founder and CEO, The Vertere Group) moderating.

    A key theme the panelists explored was the complexity involved with multiple measurement systems and data sets. With traditional TV and Nielsen as a single currency, transacting was relatively simple. But with the panelists explaining how their companies are using data and how this leads to customized buys, advertisers’ ability to synch up objectives and results is getting ever more complicated. How to solve this is clearly going to be an ongoing challenge.