• Three Ways Brands Can Adapt Streaming Advertising Amid COVID-19

    In challenging times for marketing, creative quality is more important than ever. Today, most advertisers (63%) are adjusting messaging to meet the moment, including increases in mission-based (+42%) and cause-related (+41%) marketing, according to a recent IAB survey

    Here are three best practices to adapt streaming creative while consumers shelter in place.

    1) Shift from ad space to unlocking value
    Consumers are more likely to consider a brand if they receive something valuable in the form of free samples, giveaways, or experiences. While social distancing, we are seeing streamers turn to uplifting entertainment like lifestyle, film, DIY and educational channels. Smart advertisers are going beyond the 30 second spot to unlock and curate this content for consumers. For example, fitness brands like Beachbody , FitFusion and Gaiam are offering various free trials of their on-demand fitness classes to help support people’s physical and mental health during this stressful time. Such thoughtful, pragmatic giveaways not only help in customer acquisition, but are also remembered as genuine moments in the overall journey.

    2) Stay nimble and highlight new offerings 
    US restaurants, gas stations, movie theaters and bars, among other locations have seen dramatic falls in foot traffic in recent weeks. As a result, many businesses have moved towards at-home delivery, curbside pickup, and online shopping. Some consumers are not sure what goods are available or how to buy them. Brands can use dynamic advertising updates to offer the latest information on store hours and policies, no-contact delivery options, online coupons, and more. They can also combine efforts to highlight fundraising efforts for their nonprofit partners with consumers during this significant time of need. Keeping creative current with the latest information and opportunities keeps campaigns relevant and effective.

    3) Get creative with your TV & social creative
    Unable to shoot new live video and production practically halted across the board, and advertisers are rightly concerned. Not only can their TV creative not be relevant to the current consumer environment, but it can be expensive and time-consuming to scrap and produce new creative. This has led brands to partner with agencies to quickly repurpose evergreen creative, while working remotely and in parallel to create new content. Many advertisers are also relying on talented animators and digital storytellers who can bring their message to life while still observing social distancing guidelines. Another option besides tweaking existing TV creative? Marketers are moving quickly to repurpose static social assets, which are easier to develop, into 6 second video ads that can run across video partners.

    Moving Forward
    Creative quality is the single most important driver of success for an ad campaign. In fact, creative plays a larger role in driving sales than targeting, reach, and context combined. Advertisers and their partners need to innovate and think creatively during this difficult and unprecedented time. The brands that nail this mix will emerge from the crisis stronger than before.