• Teads Intros 360-Degree Outstream Video Ad for More Immersive Experiences

    Looking to capitalize on the growing interest in virtual reality, outstream video ad specialist Teads has introduced inRead 360, a new outstream video ad format offering 360-degree viewing and engagement.

    The 360-degree format is meant to give advertisers a more immersive format that also complements premium content. Teads said that users can interact with the inRead 360 ads, viewing the creative from different angles, by moving their mobile device or clicking and dragging when online. 360-degree video, which doesn’t require a special headset, is often characterized as a step toward full virtual reality.

    As with Teads’ other outstream formats, inRead 360 activates when it’s in view on the screen and pauses when less than 50% of it can be seen. Teads is offering inRead 360 for both direct-sold campaigns and programmatic buying on all screens.

    Teads noted research indicating 12.2 million virtual reality headsets will be purchased in 2016, as well as 64% of smartphone owners expressing interest in VR for online shopping. It’s still very early days for VR, but there is a ton of momentum behind it. As more users have regular VR experiences, their expectations for immersive 360-degree and VR-style ads will no doubt also increase.