• Rogers Pushes TV Everywhere; Where's Everyone Else?

    A piece in Light Reading this week noted that Rogers, the largest cable operator in Canada, now has approximately 100,000 of its subscribers registered for its TV Everywhere service, and is on track for getting a few hundred thousand out of its total 2.3 million subscribers using it by the end of the year.

    The success at Rogers raises the question of where things stand with TV Everywhere in the U.S. Recently Comcast's Amy Banse told me a million people are regularly accessing its Fancast Xfinity TV service, but she declined to provide any further details. I just read yesterday in B&C that Time Warner Cable has "a small number of subscribers" in a trial in New York.

    I've been bullish on TV Everywhere from the start, but have noted repeatedly that execution is key. The world is moving fast toward convergence, and incumbent video service providers need to prove that they can innovate and roll out these new services. Whether it's Netflix, Google TV or others, there are plenty of people outside the ecosystem that want a piece of the action.

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