• PixabilityONE Unifies Video Ad Buying Across Social and CTV

    Late last week, video adech provider Pixability launched its PixabilityOne platform that unifies video ad buying and campaign management across destinations and social media (e.g. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram) plus Connected TV (e.g. Amazon Fire). The goals of the new platform are to simplify audience targeting and campaign management at a time when video ad buying is more complicated than ever given the proliferation of viewing destinations.

    PixabilityONE consists of three elements: Audience Builder, Campaign Optimization Engine (COE) and a reporting UI. Audience Builder includes features such as setting targeting parameters and saving/sharing audience segments, and tools for quickly launching campaigns. The COE auto-optimizes campaigns 37K times per day across all campaigns, a level that Pixability says is far greater than competing alternatives. It also optimizes against multiple KPIs. The reporting UI brings together all campaign results in one location and also integrates results from third-party measurement partners.

    Being able to construct campaigns across destination, social and CTV is a strong value proposition for ad buyers as the video industry continues to evolve. Research last week from Extreme Reach showed that CTV is accounting for nearly half of video ad impressions and is driving up longer ad durations. Meanwhile Nielsen’s new Q1 ’19 Total Audience Report showed smartphone usage continuing to climb for adults 18+, from 2 hours, 22 minutes per day a year ago to 3 hours, 1 minute per day, with a large amount of that time no doubt on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

    All of this means that marketers need to find ways to efficiently target viewers across both mobile/social and CTV, so solutions like PixabilityONE look well-positioned for success.