• LiveRail Unveils New Features Including Nielsen OCR Integration and Mobile RTB

    At its Video Publisher Forum in NYC, LiveRail announced new features for its publisher-side video monetization tools. LiveRail has integrated Nielsen Online Campaign Ratings (OCR) into its LiveRail Publisher Suite, so that publishers can obtain Nielsen metrics on current campaigns each night. There is also an "OCR Planner" which lets publishers gauge the value of their inventory in Nielsen audience terms. This helps publishers better target ad campaigns to their inventory.

    In addition, LiveRail has made updates to its Android and iOS app tools so that they support RTB and other LiveRail features. There is an in-app SDK particularly for FreeWheel users to make calls to LiveRail. The updates also include a "quarantine toolset" for publishers to segment ads from unwanted advertisers and preempt sales channel conflict plus the ability to detect key information about current ads shown in the browser.

    LiveRail delivered over 1.7 billion video ads in April 2013 per comScore. LiveRail also said it has partnered with some of the largest RTB video buyers to achieve compatibility and delivery. As publishers continue to adopt RTB and programmatic advertising approaches, LiveRail has become a key multi-platform partner for major publishers including IDG, MLB.com and CBS Interactive.

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