• In Focus: Is Data Living Up to Its Potential?

    Today I’m continuing our “In Focus,” series, in which I preview one of the sessions at our 8th annual VideoNuze Online Video Advertising Summit, coming up on Tuesday, June 12th, including what I hope you’ll learn and why I think the topic is important.

    In focus today is our 1:35pm session, “Is Data Living Up to Its Potential?” which includes George Musi (EVP, Data, Analytics, Insights, Blue 449/Publicis Media), Lance Neuhauser (CEO, 4C), Bre Rosetti (SVP, Director of Strategy and Innovation, Havas Media) and Vikram Somaya (SVP, Global Data Officer and Ad Platforms, ESPN), with Dan Punt (Managing Director, FTI Consulting) moderating.

    Data has become the most important ingredient in the advertising ecosystem, driving how tens of billions of dollars of annual spending are distributed by advertisers eager to micro-target their desired audiences and achieve the highest return on ad spend. It is no secret that Google and Facebook in particular, have used their massive troves of user data (sometimes to their detriment), to help advertisers’ quest for targeting and efficiency in the digital world.

    The targeting frenzy is now sweeping the video and TV ad industries with a variety of initiatives underway. Major TV networks are investing heavily in exposing new insights about their audiences. Technologists are coming up with new ways to measure viewer behavior, like ACR, and effectively mash together different data sets. Transactions are evolving, using automation driven by data.

    All of this is creating huge new opportunities in planning, managing and measuring video ad campaigns, but also significant challenges. So how far along is data in achieving its ultimate potential?

    Will new standards emerge for using viewership data, and will these build on existing currencies or supplant them? How will new privacy regulations like GDPR change how viewer data is leveraged? Will content providers and networks be able to use data to increase the value of their inventory in order to justify reducing ad loads? What are the implications for holistic measurement and attribution?

    These are among the questions our panelists will explore. Attendees will come away with valuable insights about how they should be managing their data and monetization strategies. It promises to be an engaging session with actionable takeaways. Register now!