• Eyeview Releases Weather-Related Personalization Tool to Optimize Video Ads

    Online video ad platform Eyeview is now enabling advertisers to dynamically serve personalized video ads based on current weather conditions. The new "Eyeview Weather Tracker" monitors weather in an advertiser's target markets and based on this data, updates and delivers ads appropriate for the conditions.

    Weather Tracker is geared toward retailers, whose in-store traffic and sales are greatly affected by inclement weather. Eyeview cited data indicating that last winter's freezing cold and storms depressed Q1 retail sales, which in turn heavily contributed to a broader economic downturn in the quarter.

    With Weather Tracker, advertisers can customize ads and set parameters for what kinds of weather conditions will trigger which ads. For example, if a hurricane is predicted, certain types of products can be promoted, along with pricing and targeted messaging. Custom information can be displayed creatively such as with lower thirds and crawls. See below demo of two Ace Hardware ads for a sense of how the customization can work. 

    The new Weather Tracker capability augments other Eyeview features targeted to the retail industry such as "Black Friday Booster" for personalized deals and "V-Circulars," a video product circular.

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