• DoubleVerify’s Director of Product Strategy John Ross on Improving CTV Ad Transparency

    DoubleVerify’s director of product strategy John Ross explains how improving CTV ad transparency is critical to bolstering advertisers’ trust in a 10-minute interview below. DoubleVerify found a 3x increase in fraudulent CTV impressions in 2020 vs. 2019, which John attributes to CTV’s higher CPMs.

    This is a huge problem DoubleVerify is addressing, because CTV ad buyers are increasingly coming from TV, where brand safety and highly specific details about where ads ran are the norm. CTV needs to tackle these challenges in order for advertisers to gain further confidence in CTV and grow spending. John also talks about the role programmatic is playing in CTV and related transparency issues.

    John will be speaking at VideoNuze’s CTV Ad Summit virtual on June 9th and 10th, on the session “Programmatic’s Role in CTV Advertising” with Philo and Xandr. Registration is complimentary and you can win a Roku TV and Streaming Soundbar.