• CTV Ad Summit Session Videos (First Day) Are Available

    Last Wednesday and Thursday’s Connected TV Ad Summit virtual included 46 industry executives speaking on 14 different sessions over two afternoon. Having watched all of the sessions, I think they include tons of valuable insights and data that is actionable for anyone looking to succeed in CTV advertising.

    I’ll be posting more in-depth about my key takeaways from the CTV Ad Summit, but for today, I’m pleased to share video recordings of the 7 sessions from the first afternoon (I’ll post the videos from the second afternoon tomorrow). Below I have also included the session description for each, along with the speakers. (Note the CTV Ad Summit web site has been de-activated, post conference).

    If you attended please keep an eye out for email with an attendee survey. I’m very interested in your feedback on the Summit and how to further improve it.

    Wednesday, June 9, 2021 sessions

    Understanding Connected TV’s Massive Reach (24 minutes)
    Over 80% of U.S. households have at least one connected TV, and many of two or more, making CTV’s massive reach hugely appealing. Get all the details on CTV’s adoption and viewer dynamics from one of the industry’s leading researchers.

    • Bruce Leichtman – President, Leichtman Research Group (presenter)
    • Will Richmond - Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze (interviewer)


    Navigating the Omnichannel World (35 minutes)
    Consumers are exposed to an infinite array of content every day. In this omnichannel world, where streaming and CTV are becoming increasingly important, how do ad buyers, TV networks and content providers effectively reach consumers at the right time with the right message in a privacy-compliant way? Learn how to successfully navigate the omnichannel world.

    • Anupam Gupta – Chief Product Officer, Mediaocean
    • Stephane Krzywoglowy – SVP, Business Operations and Strategy, NBCUniversal Advertising Sales and Partnerships
    • Nicole Whitesel – EVP, Advanced TV, Client Success, Publicis Media
    • Danielle DeLauro – EVP, VAB (moderator)


    FAST + AVOD = Big Opportunity (32 minutes)
    As streaming becomes the norm in the living room, viewers are increasingly tuning into ad-supported video-on-demand and free ad-supported TV (FAST) channels - curated linear programming delivered over-the-top and on-demand to CTVs. Learn from the experts how FAST + AVOD equals Big Opportunity in CTV and the best practices to succeed.

    • Sean Doherty – CEO, Wurl
    • Natalie Bastian – VP of Marketing, Tubi
    • Sarah Shriver – VP, Global Content Monetization and Strategy, A+E Networks
    • Beth Weeks – VP, Group Media Director, Digitas North America
    • Colin Dixon – Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (moderator) Also check Colin's post about the session here


    CTV Innovation: What’s Coming Next? (29 minutes)
    CTV offers content providers, advertisers and streaming services a whole new way to engage audiences. For many, advertising is core to the viewer experience , but innovating with flexible, blended monetization models have high potential. Learn how agility and a deep understanding of viewers’ behaviors and preferences are driving streaming success.

    • Dan Brackett – CTO and co-Founder, Extreme Reach
    • Fred Godfrey – CEO and co-Founder, Origin Media
    • Vijay Sajja – CEO, Evergent
    • Andrea Zapata – VP, West Coast Sales, Vevo
    • Jonathan Bokor – Principal, Connected Media Consultants (moderator)



    Bloomberg Quicktake: How to Build an Ad-Supported Streaming TV Experience (26 minutes)
    Streaming news network Bloomberg Quicktake is off to a fast start, having launched in November, 2020 and already getting 7.4 million average monthly viewers by February, 2021. Distributed widely on all CTV devices and services, Quicktake is a case study in how to build a superior ad-supported streaming TV experience. Learn the secrets to its success.

    • Jean Ellen Cowgill - General Manager of Bloomberg Quicktake and Global Head of New Ventures, Bloomberg Media
    • Colin Dixon – Founder and Chief Analyst, nScreenMedia (interviewer)
    • Will Richmond - Editor and Publisher, VideoNuze (interviewer)



    The Great Transition: From Linear TV to Streaming (33 minutes)
    The biggest trend in the TV industry is the shift in viewership from linear TV to streaming – and how ad budgets are following the eyeballs. Dig deeper into how this transition is unfolding and what it means for the future of TV and advertising.

    • Diana Horowitz - SVP, Advertising Sales, fuboTV
    • Darren Olive - EVP, National Ad Sales and Strategy, Crackle Plus
    • Laura Wu - Head of Strategy and Operations, Beachfront
    • Darren Lepke – Head of Video Product Management, Verizon Media
    • Howard Homonoff – Managing Director, Homonoff Media Group (moderator)


    Key Trends in CTV/Streaming: Following the Money (26 minutes)
    Investors are placing big bets on companies along all parts of the CTV value chain. A leading Wall Street analyst shares her forecast of where value is being created, surprises that may lie ahead this year and her forecast for the long term.

    • Laura Martin – Senior Internet and Media Analyst, Needham & Company
    • Doug Knopper – formerly co-CEO, FreeWheel (interviewer)