• Android Market to Roll Out Movies?

    Engadget had an intriguing blurb this week regarding the availability of book downloads now being available in the Android Market. More interesting is the existence of a new movie-related URL in Android Market, along with one for music. With the surging popularity of Android devices, including the new Xoom tablet from Motorola plus lots of others, some type of movie service would seem inevitable.

    On a potentially related note, a couple of weeks ago I chatted with Robert Kyncl, who last September jumped from Netflix to Google to become its new VP of Content Partnerships. His responsibilities at Google have been somewhat shrouded in secrecy, and he wouldn't give me any details of what he's up to there either. Since he was the streaming content acquisition point-man at Netflix, it's hard to see him not doing something similar for Google too. Keep an eye on Android Market developments in the weeks ahead to possibly find out.