• 3 Video Predictions for 2012: AOL's Ran Harnevo

    Following are 3 video predictions for 2012 from Ran Harnevo, AOL's SVP, Video.

    1. Video ad-networks will drive an artificial race to the bottom
    The massive amount of money we have been seeing poured into video ad-networks this year will allow a more aggressive fight for market share and significant margin cuts - ultimately creating an artificial race to the bottom that will drive down video CPMs on audience extension buys. Differentiating premium inventory in this environment will be key for content companies that will try not to join the commoditization.
    2. Cross platform will be the new King
    Mobile, tablet and connected TV will be getting more attention from the audience and capturing a larger percentage of overall video views. This will be the year where campaigns will be delivered across a variety of mediums. Challenges will include creation of cross platform scale as well as cross platform ad-serving. Players who'll manage to offer comprehensive solutions, will be able to take advantage of the growing market share.

    3. Original online programming will finally create real franchises
    With so much money directed towards original online video productions, 2012 will be the year they will finally emerge. Between bigger platforms such as You Tube, Yahoo! and AOL, to online production houses such as Revision3, we will be seeing a decent number of quality web originals catching viewers' attention, and becoming a franchise will grow beyond the web.