• Vubiquity Unveils AnyVU Cloud Video Service, Partners With Akamai

    Vubiquity has announced AnyVU Cloud, a new cloud-based, multi-device video services platform providing both linear and on-demand content. In addition, the company has announced Akamai as its first partner, dubbing the combined solution "content-as-a-service." It is directed to existing pay-TV operators, content owners and OTT providers for a range of monetization models.

    AnyVU Cloud is a milestone for Vubiquity in evolving from the traditional business of managing and delivering video primarily to set-top boxes for incumbent providers to operating in a far more complex landscape in which video is delivered over IP networks to multiple devices by multiple providers with widely varying business rules and monetization.

    According to Vubiquity, by leveraging the cloud, it is able to "efficiently manage increasing content volumes, formats and profiles, support trial and testing, and increase the speed-to-market of new and emerging services." Vubiquity currently serves over 700 operators and content providers globally.

    With Vubiquity a key partner for these companies, AnyVU Cloud is going to be critical for them in helping meet viewers' rising expectations and to better compete with OTT players like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu, all of whom have been effectively using the cloud for years to provide robust user experiences. In addition, as pay-TV operators roll out IP-based set-top boxes (as Comcast is doing with X1), they will be more fully able to take advantage of AnyVU Cloud.

    The content-as-a-service partnership with Akamai can also be deployed using the company's Aura Network Solutions so operators have both an on-net and off-net OTT solution which helps manage traffic and reduce network costs.

    (Note: Akamai is a VideoNuze sponsor)