• VideoNuze Report Podcast #124 - Sizing Up Apple's TV Ambitions

    I'm pleased to be joined once again by Colin Dixon, senior partner at The Diffusion Group, for the 124th edition of the VideoNuze Report podcast, for Mar. 9, 2012. In this week's podcast we discuss Apple and its TV ambitions.

    This past Wednesday Apple announced a few minor feature updates to its $99 Apple TV device. While the device continues to improve, in my view it still does not come close to representing Apple's ultimate ambitions in the living room. I think it's inevitable that Apple will introduce some type of "television" (timing TBD) and that when it does, it will be both a design and an experience breakthrough. My caveat here is that Apple needs quality content to support the device, and what it will be able to offer is still unclear. Stirring the pot, in the past week the NY Post reported that Apple is negotiating for rights to turn channels into apps, and Steve Jobs's biographer said that he purposely left out of his book details of what Jobs thought Apple TV should be.

    Colin takes the opposing view. He thinks Apple would be foolish to enter the low-margin television business where incumbents like Panasonic and Sony are struggling for profitability. Despite its track record, Colin is skeptical Apple could extract a premium price for anything it brings to market, unless it completely reinvents the experience. Further, he doesn't think it's necessary, as whatever Apple might seek to achieve could be accomplished by continuing to evolve its $99 device. Further, Colin is doubtful that content providers will go along with their channels being "appified."

    While we don't come to any conclusions, it's a fascinating topic which will no doubt command the media's focus. Having just completed the Steve Jobs biography, the only thing I think is certain, is that whatever Apple does, it will surprise all of us.

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