• VEVO Delivers 10.3 Billion Views Globally in January, 2015

    VEVO has announced that it delivered 10.3 billion video views globally in January, 2015, up 86% from 5.4 billion views in January, 2014. VEVO's January, 2015 views also show how global the site has become, with over 80%, or 8 billion of its views, coming from outside the U.S.

    Compared to January, 2014, U.S. views rose by over 800 million in January, 2015, to 2 billion. Mexico, the second-largest of 14 territories VEVO operates in, accounted for over 1 billion views in January, less than a year after its 2014 launch.

    VEVO also said that mobile and connected TV views accounted for 49.5% of its January, 2015 views, up from 38.8% in January, 2014. Back in September, 2013, VEVO revealed that 50% of its U.S. views were on mobile, tablet and connected TV devices, so the new global data point indicates that internationally, non-desktop views have increased substantially.

    VEVO also said that 23 videos have been named "VEVO Certified," meaning they've exceeded 100 million views. Taylor Swift's "Blank Space," the top video on VEVO, has gained 440 million views.