• Verizon CEO: No Mobile Spectrum Shortage, FCC Should Butt Out

    Were you as surprised as I was to read yesterday that Verizon CEO Ivan Seidenberg is questioning the need to reclaim broadcast spectrum for mobile data use? Instead he believes that ongoing advances in technology will address any potential bandwidth squeeze. His comments represent a weird reversal because Verizon has been (for obvious reasons) a key proponent of gaining access to this spectrum. As I wrote a few weeks ago, the bandwidth reclamation concept is one of the most contentious in the FCC's recently released National Broadband Plan.

    I'm not clear on what's going on here. The iPad's release this past weekend is yet another reminder of the infinite mobile data uses ahead. Meanwhile recently-amped up rumors that Verizon will get getting the iPhone later this year means lots of data increases from Verizon itself. Throw in the coming proliferation of Android devices as yet more evidence of mobile data's rise. So why would Seidenberg now cast doubt on the spectrum reclamation effort? Beats me. Any ideas?

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