• Top Video Analysts Debunk Myths of TV's Implosion and Mass Cord-Cutting [VIDEO]

    There are a lot of wild headlines these days proclaiming the death of TV and the prevalence of cord-cutting. But in a session I moderated at the recent VideoSchmooze event in NYC, Bruce Leichtman and Craig Moffett, two of the top video analysts around, shared their current data, which systematically debunks these mythologies. For anyone interested in what's really happening in the video business today, the session's video is a must-watch.

    Bruce and Craig believe that both technology and mainstream media are ginning up these mythologies because they make great headlines. In fact, both cited instances where their data said "x" but the media coverage ended up being "y." All of this underscores how important it is to read media coverage of the industry with a very critical eye.

    Bruce and Craig tackle a range of topics including why household formations are the key to understanding pay-TV industry performance, who's actually cutting the cord these days and why, how Netflix is addicting media companies to digital distribution fees and why this could cause subscriber cannibalization longer-term, why usage-based pricing for broadband is likely in the future, and how consumer behaviors will develop in the next few years.

    The video is below and runs just over 50 minutes.