• Research: Live News, Sports and New TV Episodes Are Top Reasons To Keep Pay-TV

    New research from Altman Vilandrie & Company finds that access to live news, sports and new TV episodes are the primary reasons pay-TV subscribers are continuing to keep their service.

    However, there are slight difference between those age 18-34 years old vs. those 35+. For the older group, the top reasons and the percentage cited were live news (70%), new TV episodes when aired (55%) and live sports (53%) whereas for the younger group, the top reasons were new TV episodes when aired and it is easier to find something to watch (both cited by 54%), live sports (51%) and live news (48%).

    For all respondents, just one non news or sports program was cited as “must have” (“Big Bang Theory”). The must haves included local news programs, national news programs, NFL, NCAA football and MLB. However, for younger viewers, sports were much less popular.

    Younger viewers’ interest in TV episodes reflected their broader focus on TV programs in general.  The survey found that when viewers were presented with a list of programs, 18-24 year olds identified 40 as “must have” vs 22 for 35-44 year olds and just 16 for 55+.

    Meanwhile, good old word of mouth was still the most important way to drive viewership of TV programs for both younger and older respondents with 64% of 18-34 year olds and 57% of 35+ year olds citing it as most important. Younger viewers said video service recommendations (53%) and on air commercials on the show’s network (52%) next, while 35+ cited on air commercials on the show’s network (56%) and on air commercials on a different network (44%).

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