• New Social TV Network "Vidblogger Nation" Rolls Out On VOD

    Independent video producer SimplyNew Studios has unveiled "Vidblogger Nation," featuring 3-5 minute episodes from video bloggers in 10 local markets around the U.S. Each of the video bloggers is creating 12 episodes for the first season of Vidblogger Nation which will be carried by Comcast On Demand Local. The idea is for the video blogger to each tap into their social networks to help generate audience and engagement.

    As Marc Scarpa, head of SimplyNew explained to me, while the video bloggers are given a blueprint to guide them, each will capture their own experiences with things that are uniquely local to their market, creating a "super-insider's guide." Scarpa and the SimplyNew team support the video bloggers with various production resources and distribution. The concept is a bit experimental, and Scarpa said Comcast is watching how it performs. If it does well, it could become a template for more video creators to get carried on the set-top box.