• Mediabong Launches Syncroll Outstream Video Ad Unit, Focused on 100% Completion

    After a 4 month beta, video ad platform Mediabong has launched its Syncroll outstream video ad unit, aiming to go beyond viewability, to focus on viewer attention. With Syncroll, outstream ads can be triggered in the reader’s “attention zones” as they scroll down the page. The ads change and update based on a patented algorithm of the user’s real-time behavior while scrolling.

    Mediabong’s CEO Laurent Bury and COO Priyesh Patel told me that Syncroll is modeled on YouTube’s TrueView ad unit, giving viewers the ability to skip the ad and advertisers the ability to pay only for completed views. The approach is meant to move the market beyond viewability as a primary metric and instead focus on 100% completion, 100% viewability and 100% viewer attention.

    Laurent and Priyesh said that Mediabong is working with over 300 publishers and that marquee advertisers such as Volvo, Chrysler and Wal-Mart have been using Syncroll in beta with over 1.5 billion Syncroll impressions per month running.  On average the view-through rate is 85%-90%, with a click-through rate of 3.5-5.1. The cost per completed view ranges from 7-9 cents, equal to a CPM of $70-$90.