• Complimentary Webinar Tomorrow, July 8th: Demystifying Open vs. Closed Internet Video Distribution Platforms

    Please join me for a complimentary webinar tomorrow, July 8th at 11am PT/2pm ET, as Colin Dixon, senior partner at research firm The Diffusion Group, and I debate the topic of closed vs. open Internet video distribution. Colin and I have both been watching closely all the different devices that are bridging online video to the TV. There are many different devices and many different approaches.

    One key difference is the idea of "closed" vs. "open." In the "closed" experience only certain content is available, while in the "open" approach anything that's available on the Internet becomes available on the big screen. There are pros and cons to each approach. Which is more likely to ultimately succeed? Colin and I will do our best to demystify the issues and forecast what's most likely to work. There will be plenty of time for audience Q&A. Please join us for this timely complimentary webinar!