• Comcast Technology Solutions Integrates Flashtalking Technology

    Comcast Technology Solutions (CTS) has integrated technology from ad server Flashtalking via API which will help streamline work flows and campaign optimization across linear and online video. Integrating with the CTS Ad Management Platform will centralize linear and online video creative management. Richard Nunn, VP/GM of Advertiser Solutions at CTS said in a briefing that the integration would provide insights on the performance of campaign creative in online video channels to drive greater ad personalization in linear viewing.

    The insights feedback loop and automation of creative delivery are crucial steps forward for ad buyers and agencies according to Richard who explained the ongoing problem that “linear and digital buying remain mostly siloed, with slow manual workflows that haven’t kept pace with advertisers’ needs.” He added that for shared customers, the integration will “help speed decisioning to drive linear personalization and real-time creative optimization.”

    John Nardone, CEO of Flashtalking said that for advertisers, “there’s increasing complexity and it’s really hard to get the right creative to right place,” noting that “a single video may be reworked 15-20 times for distribution in different environments.” Multiply the number of creative executions by the number of places where the ad can run results in hundreds of different linear and digital channels that need to be measured and optimized.

    John said that what gets him excited about the new integration, which is live, is that it helps advertisers “dream big about speaking to consumers in a more relevant, personalized way,” and have confidence in the execution. Too often, John continued, advertisers back off of ambitious personalization goals because the tools aren’t there to meet the day-to-day operational challenges.