• CIT "Behind The Business" Exploits Broadband

    Tracking the innovative use of broadband video by brand marketers is an ongoing focus for me and I'm always on the lookout for great examples. The latest I found is a campaign from CIT, a global commercial finance company, that has just introduced the third installment of "Behind the Business", a broadband-based interview series with notable business leaders. If you haven't seen it, it's well worth checking out. This particular installment is a series of interviews with the co-founders of Intrepid Pictures, Marc Evans and Trevor Macy.

    The press release states that CIT is "reaching out to its client base through various initiatives that will highlight key business issues facing middle market executives today." Having watched a number of the videos available at the site, it is evident that CIT is taking a soft-sell approach, with the interviews focusing on Intrepid and the founders, with no overt CIT plugs. The video player window is embedded in a page that has strong CIT branding and links to learn more, but that's about it. The idea is to inform and educate the target audience, with CIT branding wrapped around the experience.

    Another aspect of the campaign is its multi-platform nature. CIT hooked up with Conde Nast Media Group, which is promoting the video heavily in its publications. This follows a separate video initiative that Grey Goose Entertainment and Sundance Channel are pursuing with their "Iconoclast" series, in which Conde Nast is also a partner. Conde's involvement shows that when big brands are going to invest real money in broadband-centric campaign, promoting in relevant print publications is an important key to driving awareness.

    CIT is following a list of other brand marketers who want to expand beyond traditional 15 and 30 second TV spots to use video to drive deeper engagement with their target audiences. This artful blending of entertainment, information and advertising is at the heart of how I believe broadband will be used by smart brand marketers. With broadband's unlimited shelf space, marketers have a new and unprecedented palette to promote their brands. Behind the Business shows that savvy brands are beginning to take advantage of it and that there are a plethora of opportunities unfolding for skilled producers.

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