• 4C Launches Scope for Unified, Cross-Channel Ads Across Digital and TV

    Marketing technology provider 4C has launched Scope, a platform for unifying cross-channel advertising across digital and TV. Scope allows marketers to gain audience insights, execute campaigns across screens and gauge performance, all via a self-service workflow. Scope spans premium content in Apple News, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, NBCUniversal, Mediaocean, Pinterest, Snapchat and Twitter.

    Scope is aimed at helping marketers succeed with audience-based campaigns managed through 4 modules. First is 4C’s “Brand Compass,” a new tool which lets marketers access persona-based insights which are based on 4C’s Affinity Graph that combines TV, social and digital data on how people are connected to media, technology and each other.

    To get a sense of how Brand Compass works, after entering a brand’s name into the search field, the brand’s top personas are revealed, along with information about their top values, interests and affinities. 

    Targeting specific audiences is done through Audience Hub. Multiple data sources are supported, including first-party data and third-party data such as purchase and demographic data, 4C’s Affinities, Teletrax TV monitoring data, Inscape viewership data from 8 million smart TVs and Nielsen viewership from 100K+ People Meters.

    Creative Hub is a tool for hosting and managing creative assets, including user permissions.

    Finally, Report Center provides unified measurement, tracks KPIs across inventory, campaigns, teams and platforms.

    Scope addresses the key challenge that marketers today face: a daunting array of different channels and platforms, but a limited ability to holistically plan, activate and measure campaigns. While video is increasingly important for marketers, it is one of many different tactics which must be melded with other complementary approaches.

    Some of the pieces of Scope have been independently available from 4C, but Scope unifies them for the first time, streamlining marketers’ work across digital and TV. 4C said that almost $2 billion in annualized ad spend is already being run through Scope.