• 3 Video Predictions for 2012: YouTube's Suzie Reider

    Following are 3 video predictions for 2012 from Suzie Reider, head of ad sales for YouTube and Google Display.

    1. Every day will feel like the Super Bowl.
    It used to be that the most talked about, memorable ads were launched by big advertisers who had the resources to invest in multi-million dollar Super Bowl campaigns. With a massive audience on sites like YouTube, combined with the social amplification of online videos - EVERY day is a Super Bowl.  And it is not just the big guys who can play.  In 2012 you'll see more small businesses creating video campaigns that just are as memorable as campaigns from big brands.

    2. People will CHOOSE the ads they want to watch.  
    In the DVR world we live in, consumers know how to skip ads on TV.  We should expect the same for online video.  Consumers will seek out the commercials they love and they'll forward them around and watch them over and over.  Ads that don't resonate, entertain, engage or that don't feel relevant - will get skipped.  People will choose the ads that they want to watch and lo and behold!  Relevance and creative will get better.

    3. More people will watch video on mobile devices.
    Mobile video is continuing to grow at a phenomenal rate. Mobile web searches have grown five times over the past two years. YouTube alone gets more than 400M mobile views a day, representing 13% of our daily views. This means that more ad views will now come from smartphones and tablets. (Research shows that brand recall jumps dramatically for people who saw ads across TV, PC, smartphone and tablets than those who saw ads on TV alone). Video goes mobile!