• WSJ's Video Approach is Right

    WSJ continues to distinguish itself among all newspapers in how well they’re executing on their broadband video opportunities. I did a case study on WSJ’s video efforts last quarter with Bob Leverone, their VP in charge, so I’m very familiar with their operation and approach. It’s very sophisticated.

    Most recent case in point: A few days ago I was perusing the WSJ Online (to which I subscribe) and there was a headline about Barclays Bank raising money from China and Singapore to help fund its attempted $90B+ takeover of ABN Amro, a Dutch bank. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care much about this kind of story, but because a good buddy of mine works for Barclays in London, I thought I’d take a moment to understand what it all means.

    From the graphic above, you can see that the Journal has an embedded video player (theirs is from Brightcove, but could as easily be from Maven, PermissionTV, thePlatform, etc. depending) with a 5 minute interview being conducted by Dennis Berman, WSJ’s M&A reporter with Bob Diamond, Barclay’s president.

    Prominently weaving this interview in with the customary text-based reporting is a textbook example of how NON-VIDEO publishers are using broadband to distinguish themselves and why existing video providers (namely cable & broadcast channels) have a mountain of credible competition coming their way.

    Mr. Berman expertly led Mr. Diamond through the interview betraying no evidence that he’s actually a print reporter. In fact I liked his open collar, non-made-up appearance, it felt quite authentic. The overall package delivers a multi-dimensional view of the story. And note the byline is actually from 3 other reporters, not Mr. Berman. So the Journal is tapping his expertise for the video contribution, creating a new twist on newsroom collaboration.

    Meanwhile, the Journal’s video has opened up an entirely new revenue stream. And with its unparalleled reader/viewer base, they’ve been able to monetize their inventory at $75+ CPM, certainly among the highest rates around. The Journal’s broadband potential and how it will support Fox Business News’s upcoming launch has to be squarely on Rupert’s radar as he attempts to take over Dow Jones.

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