• WSJ.com Capitalizing on Market Woes With Live Streaming "News Hub" Show

    It's no secret that the line between print media and electronic media has been blurring for years as newspapers and magazines have created in-depth web sites and begun offering on-demand audio and video. Over at WSJ.com things are becoming even blurrier, as lately the site has been persistently live streaming its "News Hub" show prominently above the fold on its home page, creating a bona fide alternative to financial news networks like CNBC and Bloomberg.

    In fact, a quick visit to those two networks' web sites reveal plenty of on-demand video, but no live video. That's where WSJ.com is distinguishing itself these days, making itself a destination for unnerved investors seeking up-to-the-minute news and analysis of financial markets conveniently on their desktops. Viewers can mute/unmute, run the video in the background and continue doing their day's work while dipping back into the News Hub as desired to follow the market's latest tumult.

    One of the most appealing things about the News Hub is its authenticity. Whereas we've all become accustomed to TV news studios with perfect lighting, sets, audio and well-coiffed talent, the News Hub draws on the WSJ's expert reporters and other guests however they can (webcams, Skype, etc.). Their clothes are often rumpled and their look is sometimes slightly unkempt, but they are genuine, articulate and have the easy banter of cubicle neighbors. More important, they are expert and close observers of the markets and are able to provide cogent insights without sounding too wonky.

    With the News Hub, which was launched in September, 2009 and is freely available, the WSJ is leveraging its journalistic staff, its most crucial asset which in the past was unseen and often anonymous to readers. Clearly the show is working, as it was originally streamed at 8:30am ET and 4pm ET, but with the market's travails has been getting extended play.

    The WSJ has identified a real market need and is executing well. For online users expecting a real-time point of view, the News Hub is a winner. For the WSJ, it's transforming it position in the financial news landscape.

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