• Video Interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

    Last week when I was in CA for the Cable Show, I did a side-trip to Los Gatos to meet with and interview Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at the company's headquarters. We met up in the "Green Acres" conference room, one of the building's many meeting spaces named for popular TV shoes and movies. As I've written over the past several months, Netflix is on a huge roll, having grown its subscriber base 25% in just the last 2 quarters from 11.1 million subs at the end of Q3 '09 to almost 14 million subs at the end of Q1 '01.

    Watch the interviews to learn more about topics like what Reed thinks is really driving Netflix's rapid growth, what Netflix pays to stream a movie online vs. deliver a DVD, whether streaming will remain unlimited, why Reed thinks TV Everywhere is "frustratingly brilliant," who the real competition is, what's on Netflix's streaming product roadmap, why sports are so important to cable, how net neutrality will be resolved and importantly, why Netflix's message to Hollywood is "our checkbook is open."

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    Part 1 (9 minutes, 27 seconds):

    Part 2: (9 minutes, 20 seconds):

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