• Updated Beachfront Builder Mobile Video App Adds Social, Commerce Features

    Beachfront Media announced the 2.0 version of its Beachfront Builder mobile video app platform at VideoSchmooze today, including new social, commerce, analytics and video management features. Beachfront's CEO Frank Sinton shared a demo with me last week and provided further details today.

    Frank explained that Beachfront's customers have been looking to augment their video apps with more social and community-building capabilities. So with the Beachfront Builder 2.0, content providers can add social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr, enabling users to engage within the apps themselves. Users can also login to create cross-platform watch later lists, comment and share videos more easily.

    Beachfront Builder 2.0 also has a range of monetization enhancements including in-app commerce and more targeted ads based on age, gender and location. All of this is tracked in a more extensive analytics package. Video ads continue to be available via the Beachfront.iO mobile video ad platform and other ad sources.

    Last, Beachfront Builder 2.0 also provides enhanced video management, including the ability to upload and manage video directly with the Beachfront platform, obviating the need for a separate online video platform. It's also possible to create specific channel groupings and to add unique/premium content only for app users (with a subscription option coming soon).

    (Note: Beachfront Media is a VideoNuze sponsor)