• Synacor and Grab Networks Partner to Increase TV Everywhere Content

    Synacor, which provides technology that powers over 40 pay-TV operators' online portals and TV Everywhere initiatives, has partnered with Grab Networks, a syndicator of online video with over 200 different video publishers. With the deal, Synacor's customers will be able to augment their content lineups from Grab's verticals such as Food and Drink, Home and Family, Travel, Health and Relationships. In addition to being available online, Grab's content is also compatible with mobile devices running iOS and Android.

    The deal suggests that for pay-TV operators, TV Everywhere could become a mechanism for them to offer far more content choices than just those traditionally available in the living room via a conventional set-top box. With TV Everywhere's unlimited shelf space and delivery to desktops and mobile devices, pay-TV operators could partner with syndicators and other content providers with whom they previously didn't have a relationship in order to add new value to their subscribers.

    While Grab and other content providers shouldn't expect to get carriage fees from these deals (at least not for the foreseeable future anyway), TV Everywhere distribution means broader audiences, more advertising and o enhanced visibility and credibility. TV Everywhere is still in its earliest stages  of rolling out, but, to the extent that Synacor's pay-TV customers choose to add Grab content to their offerings, it could become a template for other deals to come.