• Metadata Provider Gracenote Introduces Suite of Video, Music and Sports Products

    Online video, music and sports experiences are poised to become even richer and more personalized as metadata provider Gracenote announced today a suite of new data products for each market. The data are meant to support entertainment providers’ and device makers’ voice and text search, user experiences and personalized recommendations.

    The new Gracenote IDs are meant to link all related items across media and devices. Gracenote provided 2 examples: a search for Beyonce would yield relevant music, TV and movie results for her, and a search for LeBron James would provide career statistics, the Cavaliers’ schedule on TV, game highlights and TV interviews for him.

    For video specifically, the Gracenote Global Video Data offers metadata for TV and movies from 85+ countries via a single API. As a result, the data can support global experience. The data includes TV schedules and listings, including descriptions, local/regional relevant results and a standardized data structure for cross-media linking and recommendations.

    The advent of voice-based discovery and playback devices like Amazon’s Echo and Google Home are creating a new set of content discovery opportunities and challenges. Given Gracenote’s rich data that can power extensive results, clearly it’s going to be incumbent on the service provider or device maker to figure out how to sort or categorize results in a way that makes sense to the user.

    Gracenote was recently acquired by Nielsen from Tribune Media.

    (Note: Gracenote’s Chief Product Officer Rich Cusick will be participating in the NABShow Online Video Conference which VideoNuze is producing, on the session, “Breaking Through With New TV Experiences.” VideoNuze readers can get $100 off Conference FlexPass tickets by using code EP06.)

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