• LiveU is Making it Easier Than Ever to Become a Live Mobile Broadcaster [VIDEO]

    LiveU, which pioneered the bonding of cellular broadband cards to enable flexible live mobile broadcasting, has gained a huge following among TV networks and stations. Now it has introduced a new, even lighter-weight backpack unit that enables any content provider - no matter how small - to affordably become a live mobile broadcaster.  

    At the recent NABShow, Ken Zamkow, director of sales and marketing for LiveU, brought one of the new backpacks, the LU40-2 ("LU40 squared") by the VideoNuze booth and showed it off. It weighs less than 10 pounds and is very compact, allowing up to 13 cellular channels and controllable through a smartphone interface.

    In addition, Ken showed off LiveU's new "Smart Grip" device, which holds an iPhone or Android smartphone and bonds its 3G or 4G connection to an enclosed MiFi card, with extra battery included. The Smart Grip provides ultra-portable mobile broadcasting, and uses the company's smartphone app. Ken explains how TV stations are now handing these out to reporters so they can quickly do live mobile broadcasts for breaking news.