• Kyte Continues Mobile Push With New BlackBerry Features

    Online video platform Kyte is expanding its support for mobile devices, announcing this morning Kyte Mobile Producer for BlackBerry. The feature allows owners of certain BlackBerry devices to upload and distribute videos from their handsets to multiple destinations. Supported models include the Bold, Curve 8900 and Storm. The Torch, the latest BlackBerry introduced, which is positioned to compete with the iPhone and Android devices, is not yet supported.

    Kyte has previously introduced a similar mobile video feature for both the iPhone and Nokia S60. With the iPhone version, Kyte says that customers like Fox News have incorporated on-the-spot video captures from its field reporters. The "LIVEShots" feature allows for more informal video news coverage.

    Spontaneous video recording, particularly for news gathering, seems poised to increase in importance. The key drivers include growing adoption of video-capable smartphones, higher quality video recording and improved wireless bandwidth. Mobile editing features, like iMovie on the iPhone 4 provide even more flexibility.

    From a personal standpoint, I can say that since getting my Droid X a few weeks ago, which comes with 720p HD recording capability, I've grown more accustomed to spontaneously capturing video, as well as taking pictures. I've been a big fan of my Flip videocamera, but the big downside was that I didn't automatically carry it with me. As a result, a lot of video moments were missed. But since I always have my phone with me, I'm now always ready to shoot. The big downsides are that video recording kills the Droid's battery and it has very limited zoom and audio capabilities.

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    (Note: Kyte is a VideoNuze sponsor)