• Jivox Updates Platform to Streamline Dynamic Ads and Marry Them to Programmatic

    Ad tech provider Jivox has announced a series of updates to its Jivox IQ platform, streamlining workflows for advertisers to create/deliver dynamic ads in programmatic environments. The end goal is for viewers to experience more personalized, relevant ads, based on data that will drive higher engagement. Jivox's founder and CEO Diaz Nesamoney recently briefed me on the updates.

    Jivox has redesigned its ad creation environment as Dynamic Ad Studio based on technology it calls "Dynamic Canvas." Instead of using code templates, the technology uses dynamic ad components so assets can be resized, depending on where the ads are delivered. This also reduces the ads' weight for improved loading.

    Ads can be updated at runtime based on data signals fed from integrated demand side platforms. Jivox is also introducing a drag-and-drop rule builder, so advertisers can create decision trees and data priorities that govern campaigns. Data sources can be pre-set and/or dynamic such as with weather and location and/or fed at runtime from cookies or variables from the DSP. All of the ad variations are automatically tagged for reporting.

    Diaz highlighted the combination of dynamic ad creation, personalized delivery and robust reporting as helping capitalize on the potential of programmatic advertising to go beyond pure efficiency/automation gains. With this approach, advertisers fully leverage data to serve the optimal, customized ad, improving the ROI of their campaign spend.

    Impaktu, a Hispanic/Latin American network has been using Jivox's updated platform. Javier Salom, founder and CEO of Impaktu, told me that the Dynamic Ad Studio has simplified the process of creating ads for certain clients, enabling richer spots with interactive buttons drive improved engagement. Javier provided 2 examples, one for Nespresso, which includes engagement options and the other for Colgate, which allows extended viewing.

    With the new release, Jivox also introduced an asset source manager for bulk uploading assets like eCommerce catalogs, images, videos, etc., a redesigned UI and campaign management console, an updated dynamic ads API, improved reporting at 5 levels (campaign, publisher/site, placement, creative variant and asset) and the ability to import media plans from Atlas by Facebook and Mediaocean Prisma.