• Jivox Launches New Analytics Platform and Interactive Ad Unit

    Jivox, an online video ad technology and ad network is announcing a new analytics platform and interactive ad unit this morning that help move online video ad effectiveness beyond traditional ROI metrics like impressions and clicks. The analytics platform, dubbed "BrandGage" lets advertisers measure engagement actions in the ad that measure, in real-time, where the user's purchase intent lies. The new ad unit, Quattro, allows advertisers to include multiple engagement opportunities that tie to the different levels of purchase intent.

    Diaz Nesamoney, Jivox's CEO and founder walked me through an example of Quattro yesterday and how engagement is measured in BrandGage. In the mockup below, the user would be prompted to roll over the top of a standard-looking 300x250 rich media ad for the movie Alice in Wonderland and be presented with this panel. A range of interactive widgets is shown, such as watching more video, reading reviews, learning about show times/buying tickets, finding merchandise, downloading assets and sharing with friends. In addition the user can post to Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and see a scroll of relevant tweets.

    As Diaz explained, each one of these interactive widgets would be classified by the advertiser along a scale of purchase intent.  As the ad runs, the advertiser would be able to view, in real-time in their BrandGage dashboard, the number of engagements per widget, by publisher site where the ad is running, in addition to the number of impressions and roll-over clicks. As a result, the advertiser gains insight into users' level of interest and intent, and can subsequently swap in or out specific widgets that reinforce particular behaviors (e.g. if there is lots of activity around watching video, additional video could be added) to optimize the campaign's ROI.

    Quattro is also HTML5 compliant, which means that it's available to iPad users. My early experience with the iPad is that its touch screen capability would be a natural with Quattro's interactivity. As more devices with touch screens come to market, the opportunity to engage with interactive ads will grow further. Diaz confirmed what I've heard elsewhere - that more and more advertisers' RFPs are asking for interactive features, as media planners seek ways to differentiate online video advertising from traditional TV advertising. Quattro and BrandGage also continue a theme I wrote about recently in "YouTube Gets Center Stage in Google's New 'Watch This Space' Ad Campaign" in which I described how YouTube's interactive ads are drawing big brands' attention.

    These efforts and others are further evidence of how the online video advertising ecosystem is maturing, offering unprecedented opportunities to brands to target and engage with their intended audiences.

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