• Conviva: Streaming Hours Up 57% in Q1 ’20 As On-Demand Consumption Soars

    Streaming viewing hours were up 57% in Q1 ’20 vs. a year earlier, with on-demand consumption up 79% and live up 19%, according to Conviva’s State of Streaming first quarter 2020 report. On-demand consumption accounted for 72% of viewing time in Q1 ’20 vs. 63% in the prior year. The quarter included a spike in streaming for the Super Bowl and college football. The shift to on-demand consumption is likely to accelerate in Q2, as live sports remains suspended.

    Connected TV and mobile were the biggest beneficiaries of the streaming surge. Globally mobile viewing hours grew 60% in Q1 ’20 vs. Q1 ’19, followed by connected TV at 51% and PC at 22%. Still, CTV remained the most popular way to consume streaming video in Q1, with 54% share of viewing hours globally and 62% in the Americas. Mobile accounted for 21% of viewing time in the Americas and PC just 6% and the remainder by other devices.

    (Conviva also reported data last month showing huge view time growth in the 10am-5pm daypart.)

    Roku was once again the market share leader among CTV devices, with 44% share of viewing hours globally. Fire TV followed with 19%, then Xbox with 10% and Apple TV with 8% and others with the remainder. Conviva also reported that Roku was the only device to improve in all video quality metrics: video start failures down by 49%, 37% higher picture quality, video start times 15% faster and buffering improving by 33%. Roku experienced a 55% growth in viewing time, the same as Fire TV. 

    Conviva also noted what others in the industry have as well - that increased viewership outstripped advertising demand, as advertisers reduced spending due to slowing demand and caution about adjacency to pandemic news. Conviva said that the rate of missed ad opportunities was up nearly 30% in Q1 ’20 vs. Q4 ’19. Nearly half (46%) of missed opportunities was lack of ad demand. Conviva noted that these delays negatively impact user experience.

    Separate, the report also shares many details about how sports leagues, teams and players have remained active on social media, engaging their fans even as live play is suspended. And Conviva also shared details about social news and engagement with social video. YouTube has been a clear beneficiary as a new source during the pandemic.

    The full Q1 State of Streaming report is available as a complimentary download. An infographic is available here.