• Watch Jerry Seinfeld Gush About the Internet and Online Video's Potential for Content Creators [VIDEO]

    Jerry Seinfeld gushes about the role the Internet has had on society and online video's potential for content creators in a "BuzzFeed Brews" interview with business editor Peter Lauria. It's pretty cool to see how deeply Seinfeld gets the power of online video and how it's reinventing entertainment.

    Seinfeld himself has hit upon a successful formula in online video with his interview show, "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee," which just exceeded 25 million streams on Crackle and got great visibility during the half-time of the Super Bowl with the mini Seinfeld reunion episode.  

    Among Seinfeld's choice quotes in the interview:

    "The Internet offers opportunities that are more unique than have ever existed before."

    "There are no rules (in online video). We were able to invent almost every aspect of this concept ("Comedians"), with nothing to compare it to."

    "Network TV seems smaller. Why would I put a show on a big heavy rectangle in your house, when I can put it in your pocket? I would much rather put it in your pocket."

    "The Internet is a bigger change in life…than cars, planes, radio, TV…in terms of the social, human, behavioral dynamic."

    The whole interview is lots of fun, with Seinfeld's comments on the Internet and online video starting around the 8 1/2 minute point and running just about 8 minutes.