• Univision's UVideos Goes Live Amid Hispanic Interest in Digital Video

    Univision has launched its ambitious UVideos online and via mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. Announcing UVideos, Univision cited Nielsen research that 60% of  Spanish-speaking Hispanic consumers like to share video clips with friends online, with 60% of them saying they want more Spanish-language digital video.

    When visiting UVideos for the first time, Univision has helpfully posted the splash screen below with navigation cues called out to orient new users.

    Univision didn't specify how much of its programming currently available on-air will be available on UVideos, but a quick look over the site revealed at least 25 different programs and 12 novelas plus lots of sports and news, some of which are subtitled in English (you can also toggle the site between Spanish and English). Univision is further boosting UVideos by premiering the first "webnovela," "Te Presento a Valentin," co-produced by Univision and Televisa on the new network.

    UVideos is also storing the social and comment streams posted during live broadcasts, so that subsequent on-demand users are able to see them as well. Digitalsmiths is powering search and recommendations, based on viewers' behavior and content relevance. UVideos is free to viewers and is supported with launch advertisers Allstate, Microsoft and Wendy's.