• TheBlaze's Betsy Morgan: "All of the burdens of legacy media really suck." [VIDEO]

    Betsy Morgan, currently president of TheBlaze (Glenn Beck's media company) and former CEO of The Huffington Post and SVP of CBS Interactive, has a highly informed perspective of today's video landscape. And in a recent interview I did with Betsy at NATPE, she doesn't mince words, observing, among other things, that "all of the burdens of legacy media really suck" and that "advertising will be disrupted first" and that "cable still has enormous value."

    In her role at TheBlaze, Betsy is on the front lines of defining a new kind of cross-media, personality-driven media company. TheBlaze has a free, ad-supported online property, a subscription service called TheBlaze TV that has 300K members (who pay $9.95/mo) and a distribution deal with Dish Network which it hopes to emulate with others. Betsy explains how in the new video landscape, there's no longer a one-size fits all model; rather what's needed is a flexible approach that serves consumers however and whenever they want to access content.

    In this context, media companies that protect particular businesses at the expense of experimenting with new models are the ones that will ultimately lose in Betsy's view. That said, Betsy acknowledges that being a traditional media company right now is extremely difficult, as they're besieged from all sides by changing consumer behaviors, technologies and business rules.