• Survey: 53% of Adults Agree They’re Watching More TV During Pandemic

    In a new survey by Leichtman Research Group, 53% of American adults agreed (selecting 8, 9 or 10 on a 1-10 scale) that they spend more time watching TV during the pandemic. Just 16% selected 1, 2 or 3 that they disagreed that they were spending more time watching TV.

    LRG didn’t find significant age, income or gender differences among those agreeing. 56% of pay-TV subscribers agreed while 45% of non-subscribers agreed. The results are from an online survey fielded in April and May. Q1 also saw the worst decline in pay-TV ever, with over 2 million subscribers lost, while SVOD services like Netflix added record subscribers. Lack of live sports, budget tightening and the availability of inexpensive or free OTT services were surely primary drivers.

    Nielsen and others have previously documented a surge in TV viewership during the pandemic, though some recent reports have showed it slowing or receding. As the re-opening accelerates and the weather improves, viewership is bound to decline.

    LRG also found that increased connected TV use appears to skew to wealthier and younger viewers. 52% of CTV viewers with household income above $75K agreed they’ve been using their CTVs more often during the pandemic, while only 28% of those with income less than $30K agreed. 45% of CTV viewers who are aged 18-54 year olds agreed they’re using their CTV more often during the pandemic, while only 31% of 55+ year olds agreed.