• Stre.am Brings Enterprise Mobile Live-Streaming Service to Market

    Stre.am, which has offered free mobile live-streaming to consumers, is looking to help brands and media companies capitalize on the live-streaming craze by introducing Stre.am Enterprise.

    CMO Will Jamieson told me that that two distinguishing features are that Strea.am Enterprise provides a full solution so that content providers can incorporate their live-streams into their own web or mobile properties. In addition, Stre.am has built its own media server that uses RTMP, so it can deliver live streams with sub two-second latency, critical in mobile gaming / eSports apps.

    Will believes the ability own live-streams is meaningful for content providers that want the live-stream to be a part of their holistic content strategy, maintain their branding and own the entire experience. In contrast, Facebook Live only enables live-streaming within Facebook itself, for now at least.

    In addition, Stre.am is planning for live-streams to be embeddable in social platforms, including Facebook soon, so that content providers can extend to multiple distribution channels if they want.

    (As a sidenote, I observed a great example of how Facebook Live disconnects a content provider from its own branding earlier this week. I saw a link on the NY Times that U2’s Bono was going to do a Facebook Live chat at 6pm on Monday in conjunction with an op-ed he wrote. But the link took me outside of NYTimes.com to its Opinion page on Facebook. In this example Facebook benefited from having the Times drive traffic to it, but the Times lost both its native branding/experience and also any monetization/sponsorship opportunity.)

    Will cited early examples of Stre.am Enterprise’s use including The Volvo Car Open which used Stre.am to broadcast from outer tournament tennis courts and United Soccer League’s Charleston Battery which used Stre.am to broadcast its games. Previously, the Jacksonville Jaguars gave fans the ability to broadcast to screens throughout its stadium.

    Will said Stre.am Enterprise will be available free for the next several months to build up use cases. Eventually pricing will be on bandwidth used basis.