• Introducing PERSPECTIVES - A Forum for Video Industry Leaders to Educate One Another

    Today I'm pleased to unveil "Perspectives," a new section of VideoNuze which provides a forum for online and mobile video leaders to educate one another about key industry trends and issues. With Perspectives, industry executives can submit original articles up to around 600 words, as well as videos and other content. Topics are the contributor's choice, but preferably they should focus on areas of expertise where first-hand experience and data can inform the contributor's point of view.

    Why launch Perspectives and why now? Because frequently I find myself learning from conversations with industry colleagues and think - "a lot of VideoNuze readers would be interested in this too." Perspectives now enables me to suggest to colleagues they write up their insights and share them with the VideoNuze community. I've also seen these type of contributor sections work well on other sites, and I've wanted to create the same on VideoNuze for a while.

    There's more happening these days in online and mobile video than in the past 6 1/2 years since I started VideoNuze. Not a day goes by without a new initiative being announced or something happening that many in the industry want to better understand. Helping educate industry colleagues has been my main mission with both VideoNuze and our events. Now it extends to VideoNuze as well.

    Following is the first Perspectives contribution, from Chris Wagner, EVP and co-founder of NeuLion, in which he elaborates on why live sports are becoming the darling of the online video world. Chris has a great vantage point as NeuLion is involved in a host of digital sports deals. I hope you enjoy it, and future Perspectives contributions. Please contact me to submit article ideas and any feedback you have.

    (Note, the Perspectives section is unrelated to sponsorship of VideoNuze.)