• Gracenote’s New Data Offering Unifies Linear and On-Demand Search

    Gracenote has announced a new data solution allowing unified search and discovery of content between virtual multichannel video programming distributor (“vMVPDs” or “skinny bundles”) and on-demand libraries. The solution is targeted to device-makers and cable/satellite providers which offer both skinny bundles and on-demand content to viewers.

    Unified search and discovery is becoming a more important issue for viewers who are increasingly mixing and matching various streaming services across different devices. Gracenote points out that while new episodes of network TV shows are on skinny bundle services, back episodes are often available on-demand through network TV apps and SVOD providers. So for viewers to be able to find the appropriate entry point requires exposing the full array of choices where episodes can be found.

    Cable and satellite operators are offering access to SVOD and OTT services via their set-top boxes. For example, Comcast has recently enabled both Netflix and YouTube access in its X1 set-top.