• Encoding.com Introduces "Instant Encoding" That Works During Download

    Service provider Encoding.com is continuing to push the bar by introducing today the beta version of "Instant Encoding" - a new process which begins encoding the video file while it is being downloaded, as opposed to waiting until it is entirely delivered before starting the process. According to Encoding.com's tests, the result is an average 30% acceleration in encoding, with larger files achieving up to 100% acceleration. Instant Encoding is available to customers with the addition of an API call. The best part is Encoding.com isn't charging anything extra for the feature. Faster encodes of course means quicker time to availability, which is a key differentiator for media companies trying to distinguish themselves in a social media dominated world.

    At the NAB Show earlier this week I caught up with Jeff Malkin, Encoding.com's president, who was among the executives presenting in the Broadband Pit during the Tuesday sessions I organized. Jeff reports that over 1,600 customers are now using Encoding.com's services. In addition, he said that the company's recently introduced Vid.ly transcoding/URL-shortening service has also received a huge response from the market. If the barrage of questions of interest Jeff received after his session is any indicator, Encoding.com appears to be hitting on all cylinders these days.
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