Beachfront - leaderboard - 7-1-18
  • Telaria Integrates Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings for Premium Publishers

    Video ad tech provider Telaria has integrated Nielsen’s Digital Ad Ratings (DAR) with its video management platform (VMR). DAR gives online video inventory TV-like audience metrics including age, gender, unique audience, reach, frequency and gross rating points. This data allows buyers to more easily create holistic TV/video campaigns that achieve their objectives.

    Telaria also noted that DAR will be used to support development of Private Marketplace Packages by its premium publisher customers. PMPs have become a popular option for publishers seeking to offer their inventory to a select group of advertisers.

    DAR is becoming more important for premium publishers as consumption on connected TV devices continues to soar. CTV viewing combines the best of lean-back TV ad experiences with the targeting that digital has always offered. As more viewing moves to CTVs, the line between traditional TV advertising and CTV advertising will continue to blur.